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So I have decided at the end of August to move/point most of my domains back to Dan and tinker with the pricepoints that I have them listed at. Being so new to this I am still figuring out if what I am buying is actually worth anything.

I ended August with a total of 467 domains. All but 4 are pointed to Dan currently and the 4 that aren’t are pointed to Brandpa and Rooted. For the month of August, I had a total of 4,466 views. July had ended with a total of 6,117 views. The main reason for the decrease was in August I decided to move domains out of Dan to other marketplaces to see how things would go.

Not having much luck elsewhere is why I decided to make the move back. I know a lot of it has to do with patience and waiting for the right offer to come along. I did get some lowballs offers and one potential sale but it seems that it won’t be going through as they have vanished into the web.

So I made a commitment to leave all the domains in Dan and refrain from moving anything out for the entire month as well as turning of the Make an Offer option. Based on some posts in Namepros it seems that most people think that this option is the least favorable for people and can cause confusion on the pricing.

I have also raised pricing on all my domains which may be bad if I overpriced them. I turned on the Lease to Own option and left the term lengthy to 5 years which is what Dan recommends. Heck if I can get a recurring income for 5 years why not take it.

As for the appearance of the landers I used the Brandable option and used the Coral option for the background color. I think this makes the domain pop more which is something positive. You want something that will catch their eye at first glance.

I turned off the traffic graph and the promote store option. Less distraction I think the better.

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